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Huadong Cable Group is one of the biggest high temperature cable manufacturers in China. We have 30 years of production experience and 15 years export experience. Every year, Huadong provides a wide range of high temperature wire for the customers form all over the world. Email:

Huadong high temperature wire
Huadong high temperature wire

Huadong manufactures high temperature wire in line with the international standard and have a series of strict inspection. So you can rest assured of our products quality. If you are interested in our cheap heat proof cable, just leave your message. And we will send the high temperature wire price list to you as soon as possible.Email:

heat resistant wire for sale
heat resistant wire for sale

Custom Service:  Huadong Cable Group can customize high temperature wire according to your requirements. Please kindly send us your inquiry cable list and order quantity, our sales team will send our offer documents within 12 hours.Email:

What is high temperature wire?

High temperature wire is a special cable with outstanding performance in resisting high temperature, corrosion, chemical liquid, acid and alkali. As a matter of fact, this heat resistant wire has a very close relationship with our lives. And we can apply the high temperature cable to many fields. In electronic industry, it can be used for temperature compensation wire, low temperature resistance wire, high temperature heating wire, aging resistant wire and flame retardant wire.Email: sales@hdhightemperaturewire.comcheap high temperature hook up wire

What’s more, heat resistant cable is also suitable for home appliance industry. Such as microwave oven, air conditioner, electronic disinfector, rice cooker, electronic thermos, electric frying pan, lamp lighting, etc. Are you interested in our cheap heat resistant wire? Please feel free to leave your message and get the  best heat resistant electrical wire quotation. Owing to its superior performance and wide application, high heat wire is very popular around the world. If you are also looking for heat proof cable with high quality and reasonable price, Huadong will be your best choice.Email: sales@hdhightemperaturewire.comlow price high temperature cable

Huadong Cable Group is a high temperature wire manufacturer own factory with almost 30 years experience. We can provide heat proof wire of different size. Among of them, single core heat resistant cable, heat resistant 3 core cable, 4 core heat resistant cable are very popular. If you need, we also have high temperature multi conductor cable. What’s more, we can also customize high temperature hook up wire for you. What kind of high temperature wire do you want? Just leave the heat resistant wire specifications, and we will send the related price list to you.Email: sales@hdhightemperaturewire.comHuadong heat resistant cable

What are the types of high temperature wire?

In order to meet the needs of different projects, Huadong supplies different types of high temp electrical wire for our customers. You can choose the suitable high temperature wire and cable according to your requirements.Email: sales@hdhightemperaturewire.comcheap heat proof cable Generally speaking, there are two insulating materials for high temperature resistant cable. They are silicone rubber and teflon. Do you know the difference between them? Actually, the high temperature heat resistant wire with silicone rubber material is much soft and flexible. Well, teflon high temperature wire has three types. They are PTFE, FEP,PFA. Even if they have super high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, the temperature they can withstand are different. If you want to the details about the insulation of high temperature lead wire, just contact us.Email: sales@hdhightemperaturewire.comlow price heat proof wire

In addition to the insulation, the conductors of high temp lead wire are also not the same. For example, among of high temperature cable single core, the conductor of 4mm heat resistant cable may different with others. To make our high heat resistant wire apply to different occasions, we choose different material as its conductor. You can choose a suitable one from silver copper, tinned copper, nickel copper. Email:

high temperature cable single coreAll of these heat proof wire in strict accordance with international standards. So you can rest assured of the quality of our products. Of course, different high temp insulated wire and the conductor material of high temperature electrical cable may determine the difference in their price. If you are interested in our heat resistant wire price, feel free to send your inquiry. We promise to give you the best heat resistant cable quotation.Email:

The factors you should consider when buying heat resistant cable

As we can see, the demand for heat resistant electrical wire is very great. Maybe one day you also need to look for high temperature hook up wire for your projects. Actually,there are a lot of high temperature wire suppliers at home and abroad. However, which high temp electrical wire provider is reliable? Where can you buy superior heat proof cable with the best price?

high temperature wire supplier

We know that this high temperature lead wire is closely related to everyone’s life. Its quality and performance have great influence on our personal property safety. So, it is very necessary to buy qualified high temperature stranded wire. That means you need to consider some factors when you are going to buy high temperature wire and cable. Here are some tips provide by Huadong Cable Group. We hope it will help you to buy high temperature electrical cable.Email:

heat resistant wire free samples

First of all, the quality of heat resistant electrical cable is a necessary key. Then, you need to consider the cost of heat proof cable. It’s worthwhile to spend some time looking for the heat proof wire with a reasonable price. In addition to quality and price, you also need to ask high heat electrical wire’s delivery time. If the high temperature wire manufacturers are not able to offer the wire in specified time. That may have an effect on your projects. So the reputation of heat resistant wire suppliers is a factor that you have to pay attention. What’s more, the after-sale service and transportation are included. If you consider all of this, you can find superior high temperature cable for your projects.Email: sales@hdhightemperaturewire.comdiscount heat resistant cable

How to find reliable high temperature cable suppliers?

If you need high temperature cable single core wire, you’d better first find a reliable high temperature resistant cable supplier. How can you seek out the provider?

On the one hand, you can find a high temp lead wire manufacturer in the locality. Then you may have a chance to know more about heat proof electrical wire quality. Because it is very convenient for you to visit the heat proof electrical cable factory. Except the high temperature cable single core, you can also get their heat resistant 3 core cable or 4 core heat resistant cable. After all, you can see their real products. If you find their 4 mm heat resistant cable is not qualified, you can find other high heat resistant wire manufacturers.high temperature hook up wire

On the other hand, you can search high temperature heat resistant wire directly online. You can find that the high temp lead wire in foreign countries may be much cheaper. However, you can not see the real products. Well, you can ask the high heat resistant wire suppliers for free samples. Being one of professional heat proof cable suppliers, Huadong provides free samples service. If you need, just tell us the heat resistant electrical wire specification. And we will reply in 12 hours.Email:

high temperature heat resistant wire for sale

What can you get from Huadong ?

Huadong Cable Group is one of the biggest high temperature wire manufacturers in China. Every year, we provide large quantity heat resistant wires to meet the requirements of the market. We has exported our heat resistant cable to many countries and regions. Over the past years, the high temperature cable provided by Huadong has been recognized by the world. If you need high heat wire, just contact us. Our high temp electrical wire price and quality will satisfy you. When you choose Huadong Cable Gruop, we believe you can get the heat proof cable that you are expecting.Email: sales@hdhightemperaturewire.comdiscount high temperature cable single core

Superior heat proof wire quality

Being one of leading high temperature resistant cable manufacturers, Huadong has rich production experience. Our plant was founded in 1988, which occupied 50,000 square meters. With the development of our company, Huadong built a new factory in Xiuwu, Jiaozuo, Henan.Email:

high temperature wire factory

There are advanced technology and equipment to manufacture high temperature lead wire. What’ more, we produce the heat resistant 3 core cable strictly in accordance to the international standards. In order to ensure the quality of our high temperature hook up wire, we have a series of inspection system. We promise to provide qualified high temperature stranded wire for every customer. Please rest assured to place your order.

Reasonable high temperature wire price

From heat resistant wire price list, you may find that high temperature electrical cable prices are not the same in different company. However, if you choose Huadong, you can get the best high temperature cable price. You know that we are a direct heat resistant electrical cable manufacturer not just a dealer. So you can buy heat resistant cable directly from us.

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That’s to say, there is no any third party for extra fee. So you can get the best high heat wire price in Huadong Cable Group. If you want to get more details about high heat electrical wire price, just leave the cable specification. After all, the price of high temperature cable single core wire , heat resistant 3 core cable and 4 core heat resistant cable are not the same.

Intimate service on high temperature wire

If you are interested in our high temperature wire, feel free to tell the cable size. We can send the heat resistant wire free samples to you. In addition, we have strong production capacity and abundant inventory. That’s to say, we are able to deliver the heat resistant cable within the specified time. We believe our products and service will satisfy you. And if you have any question about high temperature cable, just leave you message, we will reply in 12 hours.Email:

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